Career Transition/Executive Coaching

Increasingly, coaching is seen by many companies and decision makers as a key tool in developing and retaining talented individuals, supporting them in enjoying full and rewarding careers. For individuals facing career choices, either with their current employer or getting settled somewhere new, it can be challenging to find someone impartial with whom to have confidential conversations to support making good, life changing, decisions: Decisions you want to get right first time.

This is where our coaching and mentoring team, themselves experienced leaders who know first hand what it is like to undergo significant career change, are able to offer trusted and supportive advice, respectful challenge or just a sympathetic ear.

Our Plain language, gimmick free support is completely tailored to meet your needs. Unlike many other coaching practices we can offer a variety of approaches including what we believe to be the most effective psychometric tools that can provide an additional catalyst for change, or the chance to mull over life changing choices whilst sailing a yacht, and almost anything else in between.

What is essential for us is that every time we meet, we add value and contribute to supporting your journey. For an informal conversation about how we might work together, please contact our lead coach, Derek Watson.

We offer tailor made solutions in the following areas:

  • Career guidance and mentoring
  • Psychometric testing and profiling
  • International relocation advice and cultural diversity awareness
  • Executive leadership coaching